SFMT BZMN 18 Exhibitors & Sponsors

Aug. 17, 2018, 8:49 p.m.



Imagine being able to see a side of your business you never knew existed. One that gives you an invaluable perspective and ability to connect with your employees, helping them perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently. A cutting-edge view through never-before-seen data on safety. Stay connected with the safety and efficiency of your business with a cutting-edge, data-driven way of looking at your work environment. Through our customizable sensors, we’re giving companies the ability to track each employee and shed new light on vital areas of business that can lead to injuries. Whether it’s what floor they’re on in a building, if they’re moving their back the incorrect way or even if they’re not trained to perform certain jobs, our data gives a near real-time, detailed view of your business. Helping to create an optimal level of safety and increasing the overall effectiveness of your organization in the process.

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