Click 2 Sure

June 22, 2018, 7:38 a.m.



Click2Sure has developed a technology platform that enables retailers to bolt on an insurance offering at the point of purchase and enables consumers to easily claim against their insurance policies on an online platform, with effortless access to all relevant records. Our technology led platform, once integrated into a retailer’s point of sale system, eases the friction related to both the distribution of insurance and the facilitation of claims. Click2Sure has developed a range of specialised annex insurance products which it intends to broker on higher value consumer purchases in both short term and long term insurance categories and similar categories: Life Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Specialised Medical, Consumer Electronics; Personal fashion accessories; Personal Medical Devices; and Sporting Equipment to name but a few. Click2Sure aims to provide simplicity, transparency and automation to the insurance process bringing benefits to consumers, retailers and insurance companies and overtime, a better understanding of a customer’s risk profile due to the nature of the items being insured.

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