Announced On Date Aug. 5, 2016
Funding Type Series E
Amount Raised $275,000,000
Company Profile View Details
Investor Name Funding Round Lead Investor Action
Investor Name Funding Round Lead Investor Action
Greenoaks Capital Greenoaks Capital Series E
Bridgepoint Bridgepoint Series E Yes
DST Global DST Global Series E Yes
General Catalyst General Catalyst Series E Yes
GR Capital GR Capital Series E
14W 14W Series E
Holding Italiana Quattordicesima S.P.A. (H14) Holding Italiana Quattordicesima S.P.A. (H14) Series E
GC Capital GC Capital Series E
Greyhound Capital Greyhound Capital Series E
Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) Series E
Entree Capital Entree Capital Series E
Felix Capital Felix Capital Series E
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