Looking for a partner to help build your intelligent customer service chat bot? We listed all the leading vendors | appliedAI

May 31, 2017, 7:21 a.m.

A chatbot is one of the oldest envisioned use cases for Artificial Intelligence. Alan Turing suggested that instead of debating whether a machine could think, we should measure how it imitates human language. Microsoft'sXiaoice already passes the Turing test for 10 minutes. What about yourcompany? Do you already have a customer service chat bot or are you looking to build a new one? Here we have a comprehensive list of vendors your enterprise can partner with to build an intelligent chat bot. If you are working for an SME or if youare part of an enterprise that is looking to build its own solution, this week we will also cover the APIs and libraries you can use. This list has some limitations. For all vendors providing customer service chatbots, we compiledtheir number of current employees on Linkedin and their funding. For this list, we picked the top 15 in terms of size. Our current formula for vendor size is:Number of current employees on Linkedin+ total funding/$0.5 M. For

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